FALL  2021
Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of Beta Sigma is both a great learning experience and a large commitment. Throughout the semester the committee works vigorously as a unit to uphold the high standard of Alpha Phi Omega. Each week they perform tasks such as listening to the chapter's needs and planning our chapter's service and brotherhood opportunities. In no way is the Executive committee the "sole leadership body" in Alpha Phi Omega. Our chapter is run by our members and has leadership roles available to every kind of member. Everyone is welcome to make a difference!
President | Carleigh Thompson
Carleigh APO Headshot.jpg

Carleigh Thompson is double-majoring in Personal Financial Planning and Marketing from Canadian, TX. She is a part of the Fall 2020 Jamie Conover Stewart Pledge Class. Carleigh's favorite thing about APO is the people and experiences which are like no other.

Carleigh Thompson.jpg
Service vice president | Sheila Mendez
Sheila APO Headshot.jpg

Sheila Mendez is majoring in Kinesiology and minoring in Biology and Nutrition. She's from Houston, TX, and is a part of the Fall 2020 Jamie Conover Stewart Pledge Class. Sheila joined APO to gain insight on leadership while serving others, and has discovered how to be a true friend.

Sheila Mendez_edited.jpg
Membership vice president | Thomas Schnaible
Thomas APO Headshot.jpg

Thomas Schnaible is majoring in BFA Musical Theatre and BUS User Experience. He is from Allen, TX. He's part of the Spring 2021 Javier Moreno Pledge Class. Thomas joined APO so he could find people who share interests and values in helping others and creating strong relationships.

Treasurer | Samantha Garcia
Sami APO Headshot.jpg

Sami is a Human Sciences major with concentrations in HDFS, ADRS, and Health professions, minoring in Spanish and Pre-Nursing/Pre-Med. She's from Buda, TX and was a part of the Spring 2021 Javier Moreno Pledge Class. Sami has gained a sense of community and a network of amazing friendships through APO.

Sami Garcia.JPG
director of internal Communications | TBA

Director of Internal Communications for the Fall 2021 semester is currently vacant and will be filled once classes start in the fall.

director of external affairs | Alex Feldman

Alex Feldman is a Psychology major and an American Sign Language minor from Denton, TX. He was part of the Fall 2019 Allen Wong Pledge Class. Alex's favorite thing about APO is all the bonds and friendships he's been able to create.

head pledge trainer | Lily Smith

Lily Smith is a Communication Studies major from Canadian, TX. She's a part of the Spring 2021 Javier Moreno Pledge Class. Lily joined APO because of her love for leadership and service and has made many friends along the way.