Spring 2020 executive committee
The Executive Committee of Beta Sigma is both a great learning experience and a large commitment. Throughout the semester the committee works vigorously as a unit to uphold the high standard of Alpha Phi Omega. Each week they perform tasks such as listening to the chapter's needs and planning our chapter's service and brotherhood opportunities. In no way is the Executive committee the "sole leadership body" in Alpha Phi Omega. Our chapter is run by our members and has leadership roles available to every kind of member. The Executive Committee meets every Sunday at 4:00PM on the third floor of the Texas Tech Student Union Building. Everyone is welcome to attend.
President | Alyssa Gonzales

Alyssa Gonzales is a 21 year-old Microbiology Major from Flower Mound, TX. She was a part of the Fall 2018 Paul V Louie Class. Alyssa joined APO to find a organization that's passionate about community service like her, and in doing so, found a family along the way.

Service vice president | Jessica MIller

Jessica Miller is a 20 year-old Pre-nursing Major from Midlothian, TX. She was a part of the Spring 2019 Cole Robertson Pledge Class. Jessica joined APO because she loves community service and adored the family bond between the chapter.

Membership vice president | robert Mays

Robert Mays is a 20 year-old Pre-nursing Major from San Antonio, TX. He was a part of the Spring 2019 Cole Robertson Pledge Class. Robert joined APO to make a difference and met a plethora of friends along the way.

mvp.apo.bs@gmail.com | (979) 332-3987

Treasurer | Jamie eth

Jamie Eth is a 23 year-old is a Economics, Psychology, and Spanish Major from Boerne, TX. She was a part of the Spring 2016 Elmer Tarbox Pledge Class. Jamie joined APO for the community service but stayed because of the friends and experiences she has had in her time here.

director of internal affairs | Joseph Sandoval

Joseph Sandoval is an 18 year-old Advertising Major from New Braunfels, TX. He was a part of the Fall 2019 Allen Wong Pledge Class. Joseph joined APO to find a home at college and has grown into a person who's passionate about helping others.

internal.apo.bs@gmail.com | (806) 685-0655

director of external affairs |Alyson gabourel

Alyson Gabourel is a 19 year-old Public Relations Major from Austin, TX. She was a part of the Fall 2019 Allen Wong Pledge Class. Alyson joined APO because she loves volunteering and thought this would be a good way to make friends!

external.apo.bs@gmail.com | (214) 968-9598

head Pledge Trainer | Riley Vandehey

Riley Vandehey is a 20 year-old Sociology Major from Wichita Falls, TX. He was a part of the Fall 2018 Paul V Louie Pledge Class. Riley joined APO because he loves community service and making new friends!

hpt.apo.bs@gmail.com | (210) 315-8345